MONDI Benefits

Proven Technology
MONDI has been the industry standard for reliable performance in sulfuric acid plants since 1983. APT has supplied over 700 MONDI systems in North America, South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia since 1991.

Long Operating Life
Reduced maintenance with a service life up to four times the life of standard metallurgy ductile iron.

Operating Safety
Excellent ductility and durable construction provides safe, trouble-free operation.

Special flange face finish and step ring gasket provides a tight leak-free seal at the pipe I.D. These Fawn Gylon step ring gaskets have excellent recovery to thermal cycling over years of operation and excellent resistance to hot concentrated acid.

Resistance to Concentration Changes
A tough sulfate film provides corrosion resistance when weaker acid is formed due to process upset or shutdown conditions.

Cost-Effective and East to Retrofit
APT’s piping systems are the most economical systems providing very reliable performance. MONDI piping can be used to retrofit existing systems.

MONDITM is a trademark of Monsanto Company. MeehaniteTM is a trademark of Meehanite Worldwide. GylonTM is a trademark of Garlock Sealing Technologies.