MONDI Corrosion Resistance

Reliability, economical cost, long service life and demonstrated performance are very important criteria for sulfuric acid piping systems. MONDI piping meets all of these criteria and has demonstrated low corrosion rates in acid plants since 1983.

Measured corrosion rates from many years of actual plant operation are the true measure of MONDI performance. The initial corrosion of MONDI is higher as the tough sulfate film is formed on the surface. After formation, this sulfate film remains to protect the surface and corrosion rate is greatly reduced. The resulting low corrosion rate provides piping system reliability, long service life and excellent performance.

Sometime during the operation of an acid plant, the acid concentration in the drying or absorbing systems will experience a weaker acid excursion due to process upset or equipment malfunction. Weaker acid excursions below 96% will accelerate corrosion to austenitic stainless steel piping and decease its service life. Many plants have reported that their MONDI piping systems with 93-99% have operated through weaker acid excursions. These plants also reported that the MONDI piping did not show significant corrosion after the excursions. MONDI piping is very forgiving and provides reliable system performance.