Retrofit MONDI Systems to Metric Systems

MONDI piping with ANSI 125 psi flanges and center to face dimensions utilize the available fittings patterns and pipe sizes at an economical cost. Any differences between center to face dimensions of ANSI fittings and metric fittings can be adjusted by length of the spools. Piping elevations and length of pipe runs can be easily maintained.

Metric or other Asian, European or South American standard connections can be joined at the tie-in points with an adapter spool or adapter flange as shown. For adapter spools one flange is drilled for ANSI bolting and one flange is drilled for the other standard bolting. With an adapter flange one side is drilled and tapped for ANSI stud bolts and one side is drilled and tapped for the other standard stud bolts.

Use of adapters permits all plants to utilize MONDI piping to improve reliability of acid plant piping systems. MONDI piping systems are operating in many countries and plants designed to other piping standards.