Bossed MONDIā„¢ fittings are used for flanged connections of:

  • thermowell
  • pressure sensor
  • drain line
  • vent line
  • sample line
  • side stream

Bosses are added to the outside wall of the fitting and do not reduce the wall thickness or service life of the fitting.

Using a boss will make the fitting multi-purpose and can simplify a piping system to reduce costs. Bosses are typically used on elbows and tees and can be placed at different locations. The diameter of the boss matches the outside diameter of the connecting flange. The face of the boss is drilled and tapped for stud bolts and machined for a good gasket surface. Bosses are used for 1/2″ to 12″ size flanged connections

See the information for the boss location and sizes available. Contact APT for boss locations on other types of fittings if required.