About Us

Acid Piping Technology maintains the world’s largest inventory of MONDI™ pipe and fittings for routine or emergency needs.

We have the capability of supplying a full range of products for the Sulfuric Acid Industry. This expertise has allowed us to combine many different products for one project helping to save on shipping costs to anywhere in the world.

The APT Assurance of Quality

“Our personal assurance of quality backs up every product we make. The principals of Acid Piping Technology have over 80 years combined experience in providing products to the sulfuric acid industry. There is not a product which leaves our plant, or a service delivered to you, that does not carry our personal guarantee.

You have our word on it.”

Ed Knoll

Quality Assurance: All APT Cast pipe and fittings are produced in state-of-the-art foundries. Chemical and physical tests are performed on each foundry heat with material certification for traceability.

Testing: All MONDI pipe is hydrostatically tested to 500 psi and ultrasonic thickness tests are performed in close increments when manufactured. Flanged pipe spools are air tested under water at 50 psi to ensure thread seal and pipe integrity.

Inspection: Materials are subjected to rigorous 100% inspection for quality, workmanship, dimensions and review of pertinent material certifications. Additional testing includes hardness tests and cross sectional examination of random castings.

Our quality control process is your assurance that APT products will provide years of excellent performance.

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