Pipe hangers can vary from the very common as a clevis hanger, to pipe clamps and risers, to the hardware such as all thread rod and U-bolts. The most common materials supplied are Steel and Stainless Steel.

The pipe supports available can range from fabricated pipe shoes and anchors and slide plates. The slide plates are available in Teflon coated, Graphite and Stainless Steel.


The bolts and nuts normally supplied with our MONDI™ piping systems are either A-193 Grade B7 Unfinished Stud Bolts and (2) A-194 Grade 2H Unfinished Hex Nuts or Unfinished A-307 Grade B Hex Head Machine Bolt with (1) Unfinished A-563 Heavy Hex Nut. These are available in ASTM and Metric sizes.

Other types of bolting that is available is Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C276, Monel and many other alloys


The APT Step Ring Gasket is an improved gasket design which has been used in MONDI™ piping since 1985. It has provided excellent service for many acid producers. Acid piping systems are subject to thermal cycling through years of operation. It is important to use the proper gasket.

APT Step Ring Gaskets are made of Fawn Gylon. Fawn Gylon has excellent resistance to sulfuric acid, mechanical strength and recovery properties that maintain the seal with thermal cycling. Excellent recovery eliminates the need for bolt retightening. Fawn Gylon will not cold flow into the pipe ID or outside the flange OD like other materials.

This gasket consists of a 1/16″ thick standard ring section plus a 1/16″ thick inner ring section. Both sections are bonded together. The standard ring section is for locating and centering within the bolt circle. The inner ring section is for sealing. Total thickness at the inside diameter is 1/8″ (3mm) in the critical sealing area.

There is a limit to bolt loading for each size flange. For the Step Ring Gasket, compression is concentrated over the smaller area of the inner ring, allowing the grooves in the flange face to bite into the gasket. This provides a tight seal with proper torquing of the bolts. This gasket works on the same principle as a raised face flange. The Step Ring Gasket’s superior seal prevents acid migration from inside the pipe and corrosion of the flange face which shortens the life of piping systems.

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